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Axles from a 78 Jeep Pickup

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My brother-in-law called me and said that he has a 78 Jeep Pickup (probably 3/4T) that has been around there place for years. He said it had 38,000 miles on it and has been used for parts for other pickups they have. He said that the axles are available if I wanted them. Are these Dana 44s? Will they "easily" transplant to a CJ785? Thanks for your comments. MNMindbender

CJ7 258
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If the truck is a 3/4 ton it will ba a J-20(have 8 lug wheels), the 1/2 ton will be a J-10(6 lug wheels). Both used a dana 44 for the front and aside from it being several inches wider than yours(actually the width of a chevy truck) it can be put under your CJ(done it twice so far). As for the rear axle, the J-10 will have a Dana 44 rear with a slight off-set to the passenger side, the J-20 will have a Dana 60 rear with a slight off-set to the passenger side.
I have done some measuring on these axles before and if you don't mind paying to get them cut down her is something I found out about the rear diffs.
The passenger side of the rear diff is only 1" wider than a wide track CJ while the other side would need to be cut 7" so as to make it the width of a Scout II. Of course you could use either a ScoutII front or a wagoneer front to match the new cut rear or just have the front 44 cut down also.
Enough of my rambling.
Just my 2 cents

Why bother having them cut down? Unless you run onn super-skinny trails the width should actual help you. Better stability, able to run less off-set rims without rubbing the springs, more articulation...

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