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axles axles axles axles axles

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welll... this might b a stupid question but i need to ask it ne way. i may not even b able to get an ansewer but... lets say i need a new rear axle.. and im gonna put 4.10s in it and the front d30....where would i go to find a good axle...d44 or sumthing else thats gonna hold up to 33's (ford 8.8??) and how much can i expect to spend? used? new? junkyard? im pretty much lost about price and where to find one.. please help thank u much
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If you need a new rear axel then you are on the right track picking a D44 or 8.8 I like the D44 but that is just me.
Depending on what you want and what you want to spend you have lots of options.
You say you want 4.10's I think that if you are spending the $ to put in a new axle it is worth it to replace the R&P and bearings. Again that is just me, but it is always a bummer to take off new parts to replace worn out "new parts"
If I were you (and I was you.... I have been working on exactly the same project) I would go out and find a junk yard with some old waggies. And get the rear axle from one. It is a D44, 6 lug, 30 spline. And as a rule they are cheap. I got mine for under $150. And here is a tip for you too. While you are under the waggie, grap the front drive shaft. It is a CV shaft. When you put in your new axle you can have that shaft retubed, and use it in the back. WAY cheaper than getting a new custom CV shaft.
I forgot to mention that the rear D44 from a waggie is just about the perfect length for a "small Jeep"
Good luck with your project and keep the board posted.
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