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axles axles axles axles axles

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welll... this might b a stupid question but i need to ask it ne way. i may not even b able to get an ansewer but... lets say i need a new rear axle.. and im gonna put 4.10s in it and the front d30....where would i go to find a good axle...d44 or sumthing else thats gonna hold up to 33's (ford 8.8??) and how much can i expect to spend? used? new? junkyard? im pretty much lost about price and where to find one.. please help thank u much
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I would look for the 8.8. you can find them with 4.10's already in them, disc brakes, among other things, and it is within a quarter inch of the d35. I believe that the spring perches are realatively close for the YJ swap.

I would also consider somthing other than the ProComp lift you state in your profile. Around here they are known as procrap for good reason: just do a search on them and you will see.

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