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Beings I have my CJ2 down for a rebuild I was thinking about locating a set of wider axles. Any suggestions on what to look for that would be a couple inches wider? They need to be right side drop so I can keep the 18 tcase.
Thanks in advance.

Scout or Grand Wag axles. If you get the narrow track GW I think they are both about 58" in rear and 60" wide in front. I think you would have to locate the spring hangers outside the frame to make them fit though, or shorten the front.
Do a search on either axle set. There is a ton of good info from people who know a hell of a lot more than me.



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you might look at 70's quadratrac cj 7's. i think the narrow track cj7 is still wider than the flat fenders. my axles i took out are 3 hours away otherwise i'd give you that measurement for comparison. with the light weight of the flat fender, you could use quadratrac axles with 2 inch spacers and not overload the bearings. (the april 99 four wheeler magazine contains an article on wheel spacers.)

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