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I was wondering about some things involved in a Spring over axle swap from a narrow track Wagoneer to a CJ. I know that the springs must be moves outside of the frame, gives me a chance to do a shackle reversal front and possibly a buggy leaf rear. I also know that I would need new brake lines, Rims, bearings, rotors, seals, more than likely. I was wondering if I would need custon driveshafts made or could I modify the stock driveshafts from either vehicle. I am trying to keep cost down as best I can.

THANX, And yes, I did check the axle swap tech section. They barely touched upon a CJ swap. Although similar to the featured YJ swap things like driveshaft and such are on a x-fer case by x-fer case basis.

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I don't know the answers to most of your questions, but no one had answered so I'll give you my thoughts. How wide are narrow track waggoner axles same as a narrow track cj? If so, I don't know if I'd go with a SOA with narrow tracks...kinda top heavy. Waggoner front axle has the correct caster so no big problems there. A wide track Waggoner front would have to "outboarded" with the spring hangers mounted outside the frame or cut down to length...don't know about narrow tracks. SOA will require some steering mods for the drag link and tie rod, especially if you want to move them above the springs out of harms way. Driveshafts shouldn't be much of a problem, stock ones or the ones from the donor might even bolt up, stretched out with no extra travel. I would worry about that last after everything else is in place. Then you can take your shaft measurements. You can get your stock shafts lenghtened and balanced at a driveline shop for maybe $40-50 each.


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the front springs will have to be moved out to fit but the rear springs can be left in the original location. just the rear spring perches need to be moved. for a cj swap, you might be able to find some 5 lug axles and not have to get new rims. i have a rear 44 from a 70 wagoneer and it is 5 on 5 1/2. they are a little wider than the widetrack cj but not much. i have a widetrack front axle and the rear is only about 3 inches (1 1/2 each side) wider. now if i can just get some flares to cover the tires....

i am also still using my stock rear driveshaft, but i changed the axle yoke from straps to u-bolts. the yoke was only $25. i'm not sure about the length of a front swap for driveshafts though.

you will also be going to 11" brakes in the rear and need to change your master cylinder from the stock 1" bore to 1 1/16" bore. you'll need to bend new brake lines along the axle but that shouldn't be too hard, i've gotten good at it.

good luck with the project, it's a good upgrade.

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