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Hi everyone,

As some of you may remember, I blew a front axle seal last weekend. Well, I am now looking into upgrading axles, but I still need ot fix the D30 so that I can drive my Jeep!

I got the cover off, everything looks fine, the gears are good, no chunks of metal, no visible damage. That's good, but now where do I go? OK, remove the carrier, mark the caps so they go back on the same, so on and so on. Once the cariier and axles are out, where is the seal and how do I get it out and the new one in? special tools? Tricks of the trade? Voodoo?

Any help would, as always, be greatly appreciated.


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I hear ya marc, personally I take all my axle work to the local axle shop so I can't help ya, other than read the chilton's to you.
Hopefully somebody will have some pointers.

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I'm assuming you're talking about the rear pinion seal so here's a quick guide:

1. Slide out the axle shafts a few inches to clear the carrier.
2. Mark the bearing caps so that you can put them back again in the same position and with the same orientation.
3. Take out the carrier.
4. Unbolt your drive shaft.
5. Unbolt the pinion bolt from behind and take the pinion out. IMPORTANT: carefully take out the pinion shims, count them and keep them in a safe place until you need to reinstall them. If you mess them up you'll have to reset the gear and pinion.
6. The pinion will slide out from the seal. knock the seal out from the back and install the new one.
7. Reassemble everything in reverse order.

This is a messy and time consuming job. I had to do it twice since I installed an inferior seal which quickly failed. Do yourself a favor and get an OEM seal.

Hope this helps. Email me if you need detailed instructions or anything.

Take care.


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OK, I just did the axle seals on both ends of my CJ-7 a few months ago, if I remember right it was pretty similar for both. The Model
20 has seals both inner and outer, the Dana 30 only has inner seals, there is a rubber thing outboard. The carrier needs to be
removed, pop the old seal out, new one in straight, put everything back the way you found it. Don't get the bearing caps upside down
or mixed up. Backlash should not change. BTW, almost forgot, you will need to pull the axles out a few inches. This involves
taking your hub apart and removing those big nuts and the clips.

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Ditto on what Brad said. Seems like you have a leaking axle seal not a pinion seal, right? The axle seals on CJ Dana30s (I'm assumming YJs are the same) are just inside the tube right where the tube meets the diff. With the carrier and bearings out you can just pop the seals out with a screwdriver. Replace both sides. Be careful not to damage the new seals when your putting them in. Tap 'em into place, make sure they're fully seated, replace your carrier, bearing caps, diff cover, push axle shafts back in and your ready to go. The whole process is gonna take some time. Its not a 20 min. deal, especially the first time. Be sure and pull the shafts out far enough to get the carrier out. Carriers on the Dana30s can be UNcooperative. I don't have a diff. spreader, so I usually use a couple of pry bars to pry the damn thing out.


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I don't know, why didn't you put them in. They are a really funny shaped seal, look like an oil seal with a funnel attached so that
you don't knock it out with an axle.

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