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Orange County, CA (July 17, 2009)

Awesome Wheel to Wheel Off Road Action Earns PMG Back to Back Podium Finishes

Awesome Wheel to Wheel Off Road Action Earns Premiere Motorsports Group Back to Back Podium Finishes in Two Separate Divisions At TORC Bark River

Off road racing is well known for its unprecedented wheel to wheel contact between the competitors, high action racing excitement, crazy points battles, and devastating crashes. This type of motorsport can take its toll on even the most well prepared teams removing them out of contention and stealing 1st place win right from their grips. The common phrase is, "Well that's racing!" and the scenario is all too common.

Similar circumstances played out this last weekend at Bark River International Raceway. Big names, legendary drivers and 12,000 local enthusiasts found themselves basking in the cool Michigan sun for two exciting rounds of the Traxxas Off Road Championship. The summer season is not exactly synonymous with off road racing, however recently you will likely find thousands attending major short course off road events several times a month.

Undoubtedly the most exciting yet, Rounds 7 & 8 of TORC will air on ESPN2 this Sunday, July 19th at 11:30am ET. Check your local listings for accurate program scheduling. Tune in below for some highlights.

Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group were well represented at Rounds 7 & 8 of TORC. Chris Brandt brought his "A-Game" and piloted the #82 ProLight to two consecutive 2nd place finishes. Some of the very best drivers compete in this division and Brandt had his hands full during each race of the weekend. At one point the Rockstar fueled Toyota lead most of Round 7 to the competition caution gaining extra points. After falling back to 4th on the restart Chris had to battle with Jeff Kincaid, Casey Currie, and fought off Marty Hart for 4 laps to earn a second place finish and the back to back podiums. This now puts Chris Brandt in 3rd place for the seasons point standings. Chris has been to Bark River a number of times but has had his share of bad luck. "Going into the race weekend, I just wanted to stay competitive in points and move up. Jeff Kincaid and Chad Hord know this track better than just about anyone, it would be hard to beat them on their worst day. They both seemed to share a bit of bad luck. That is racing and I am thrilled with our results this weekend." In good position with just 7 points out of 1st place, Chris is well poised to continue his smooth driving style and consistent top 5 finishes to take the 2009 TORC ProLight Championship.

1600 Driver John Fitzgerald surprised many by stepping up and sweeping Bark River in his Lucas Oil Hart and Huntington PMG Limited Buggy. During a recent interview John commented on his strategy going into the weekend. "I just need to stay clean through Turn 1, avoid wrecks, and pick them off 1 by 1. To beat out the main competition, all I had to do was apply the pressure and capitalize when they make a mistake." After the race, Fitzgerald was pumped, "It feels great to wrap up the weekend with a late race pass and take two 1st place trophies home." Now tied with Mark Steinhardt for 1st place in the current points standings, Fitz has another competitive rival, Mike Seefeldt chasing close behind in 2nd place.

These two short course "Aces" have committed to the entire TORC Series as well as Lucas Oil Off Road Series being their primary focus. A fast paced schedule with the various events spread out all over the nation applies a tremendous amount of pressure and loads of additional prep time on PMG's two-timing short course duo. While the main competition from TORC has just about a month off, Chris Brandt, and John Fitzgerald are rebuilding the race cars back in Iowa and thrashing to prepare for the next event coming up in Southern California.

What is sure to be the West Coast highlight of short course offroad motorsports, Lucas Oil Off Road Organizers have moved back the schedule for Rounds 7 & 8, to later in the evening and under the lights. Taking place on July 25th & 26th at the newly developed Lucas Oil Motorsports Complex, racers, crews, and motorsport enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes have declared this the prime destination for off road short course racing.

Looking forward to carrying this victorious momentum to Lake Elsinore, the rest of the Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group is testing, prepping, tuning and testing again. The largest team in offroad, 8 PMG Drivers will compete in 6 different divisions consisting of Unlimited-2, Unlimited-Lite, SuperLite, Unlimited Buggy, Limited Buggy, and Modified Trophy Karts. When the big show arrives, the PMG Operation will have constructed a huge compound to manage the controlled chaos. It may be hot, so stop by for some ice cold Rockstar Energy Drinks, and pickup a cool Umbrella or any other Rockstar Hart and Huntington merchandise. Plus, Carey Hart will be available during scheduled autographs sessions and photo opportunities.

For more information on the Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group go to Premiere Motorsports Group

This professional motorsports organization is the product of numerous individuals and support of strong companies brought together to create an offroad racing powerhouse. The brands like Rockstar Energy, Hart & Huntington, Lucas Oil, Geico Powersports, Liquid Graphics,, Simpson, Gator Wraps, Chronic Tacos, and General Tire will ensure a number of achievements & results throughout the 2009 season. Additional support from K&N Air Filters, VP Racing Fuels, KMC Wheels, JSTAR Motors, National Concrete Cutting, Century Collusion Center, NRGX, Screen Works, Corona Millworks Racing, Blurred Motion, Bully Dog Technologies, constantly through the season compounds the sustainability of racing.

Briana Magowan- Public/Media Relations
Premiere Motorsports Group Inc.
Tel: (800) 213-2442
E-mail: [email protected]

• Rockstar Energy, Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. ROCKSTAR is the world's most powerful energy drink.
• General Tire was founded in 1915 and is one of the top automotive suppliers worldwide.
• GEICO insures more than 15 million vehicles offering customers insurance products for their motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), boats, homes, apartments, mobile homes and more.
• Simpson Performance Products has been the leading manufacturer of safety equipment for the Motorsports industry since 1959.
• Fantasy Off-Road is the exclusive and premier place to get your Fantasy....Off-Road style game play in gear.
• Bully Dog Technologies # 1 In Performance is recognized as the leader in the diesel performance industry worldwide.
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