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I don't see a problem with the wiring, I think the problem is in the labeling. Relabel "driving relay" as "low
beam relay" and "previous regular headlight" wire as "previous low beem power wire." Label the blue wire
to the headlights as "to low beams".

I'm not sure you are going to find a single relay big enough to handle both the auxilary lights and the high
beams. I'm guessing you would need about a 350 to 400 watt relay wired with 8 awg wire. Break it into
two circuits using two high beam relays right side on one left on the other.

You're going to a lot of trouble here that you don't need to. You could add just the one relay for the aux.
lights and feed it with a toggle switch (prefered) or tap it into the high beam wire if you must.

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