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Junkfood is right, you'll backfeed power to the lights (power twice). Are you looking to switch the lights between the highbeams, off, and independent or highbeams and off? You should be able to tap into the highbeam wire of the headlights and switch for the primary on the relay and then the battery and aux lights for secondary power, but this should be outlined on the relay itself. As a tip, use the same ground wire for both the aux lights, then if one quits, it's probably the bulb and not a bad ground, it might also be a bulb, but these infrequently go. If you can, solder the conections, and at the very least, use a good grade tape or liquid to seal the connections. Up here, many of us use marine wire and terminals, they're designed to take the salt and corrosion at sea, so why not on a Jeep? After all, my Scrambler sees more and deeper water than many of their boats /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif. Oh well, I hope this helps.

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