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Don't think your wiring will work. It will power all the lites. What you need to do is take the input to the driving lite relay from the output of the bright relay. Then run the output of the driving relay to the driving lites. That way the driving lites wont have power untill the brights are on. The relay should have atleast 4 wires. 2(1pos,1neg) for switch or primary power. These should go to the battery and ground. 2(1in,1out) for switched or secondary power. These are the ones that will send power to the lites. The "out" goes to the driving lites and the "in" to the output of the bright relay. The easest place to get this power is at the rear of the headlites. If you can find the output side of the relay that works too. I don't have a scanner or I'd send you a diagram. Good luck.
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