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I told this guy where to find you and what list you are on a lot, this one. So, if you see more than one ATTN TEX that is why. I figured that I would just let ya'll talk this one out. Good Luck

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I have finally recieved the rules on the Mud and Sand drag racing events. Could you forward this to your Mud Bog expert and see if he has any more advise? I do have the 3.54 gears and NO lift. I think 32's are the largest tires I can run? I don't qualify for the Class 2 due to my aftermarket intake manifold and carb. I know Class 5, I'll be up against 70's Broncos/Blazers with 400hp motors, the plan is to have fun. I do qualify for the street legal class, but last year there was a Street Legal 78 Dodge PU with a 455ci V8 that kicked everyone's ass! So, while keeping a Jeep that I can still drive around town, I don't think I'll win any money. I guess I should look for a used set of 32 super swampers? Know of anyone?
Thanks for all your help
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Okay, so he's looking to do "drags". That could complicate things a wee bit - especially since he also mentioned sand. Skinny tires & sand don't mix well. And if the track is more than about 100 feet, he'll run out of steam in 2nd gear. If it's really long, he may have to do a 2-3 shift. But, the automatic trucks are really going to eat his lunch on that. The 32X9.50's aren't that popular, so he may have a time of it finding a used set. Might have to get some 31's. But, if he does get 32X9.50's, those will be right at home on the shallow "mud drag" tracks. But, they could really hose him up on the sand. Hey, here's a thought. What if he found some cheap ol' ugly 15X7's for his 32X9.50's & kept his 32X11.50 A/T's on his current rims for the sand??? Might be the best way to go.


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