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Thanks for the reply about tranny's. I called AA for prices on adapters. The adapter to the transfer case is $546.80 if you get a 700R out of a 4x4 truck, and $580.55 if it's out of a 4x2 truck. To mount it behind the 258, it requires an adapter priced at $360 plus the flex plate. Then you need a tranny. Just wanted to let you know. It seems a little expensive, but I want to find out the total cost of swapping in a T-5. My Jeep is a daily driver, and there are no rocks to crawl over down here in Florida. I'm still curious about the gear ratios of the front and rear ends. One guy, a used parts finder, who I spoke with said the T-5 wouldn't work with the stock gears because it would just bogg down when I put it in 5th gear. Before I decide what to do, I want to know what all my options are. Do you have any other suggestions on how to get an overdrive tranny into my rig?



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i ran 33's with my t-5 and 3.31 gears.. it ran fine in 5th
35's were really nice in 4th...but 5th did bog down until i put my v-8 in

it's sort of still a cj thingy....

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Thanks for the figures....ouch....I'm trying to figure out where I got my figures.....Next time I'll ask the moonguys.....

The reason I suggested the 700R is that its first gear is 3.06:1 and forth is 0.7:1, where as your 999 has a 2.74:1 for 1st. In reality, the auto can handle lower gears with larger tires than the T5 can. I have 32" tires with 4.10 gears...for me its about perfect. With the auto, you could do just fine with 3.73 or even 3.31 gears, thus keeping good freeway driveablity. Don't forget, that the torque converter actually gives you more torque at low RPM than a manual its a lot easier on the drivetrain.

Off hand, I don't know of any other auto's with overdrive that will bolt in without using adapter plates ...(anyone else know?). If money is an issue, keep the 999..its a better transmission than the T5. If you really decide to go with a manual, the cost will be a little bit less than the 700R, but I have no doubts that the money you save will be lost in the extra time it takes to convert an auto to a manual....I have done both before, and belive me, its a lot easier to go from manual to auto than auto to manual....

John......southern CA
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