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I was wondering if the long Yorks were similar to the A6, in the fact that the A-6 has a clutch to let the pulley free spin when not in use? That, adn what is the general size of the unit? I was wanting to lay the thing down on my driver side of the engine.
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Lee maybe I can help you.
The york is a 2 cyl set up for all purposes like a briggs eng. The A-6 is an axial 6 cyl unit. the difference is most a-6's didn't have their own oil sump(pan).It is a great unit (the a-6) but without an inline oiler it will die in a reasonalably short time. Just remember that most (almost all) A/C compressores rely on the refergerent to move the oil around in a contained system. I love the A-6 (I think it's the best , although heavy , compressor for A/C ever built) but for onboard air (not A/C) the York will win over and over.

If you can spare the room.......get the York.

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