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This is really great!!!
I am the Poster Child for unsafe work habits.
I admit it, Im guilty. I know how unsafe it is to work with metal( especialy grinding) without safety goggles, and I even had some close by. I regularly get debris in my eyes while working under the rig without gogles too. This all coming from the man responsible for everyone safety on my jobsites. I would without a second thought, send a man home for such practices, and even fire them for such repeated offenses. I dont know why I dont practice the same level of safety when working on my personal time and projects. At home I find myself often welding and fabricating in shorts, sandals, and no shirt or gloves. I do use a hood and gloves when I weld, I guess thats a start.
Oh well, Ill let them know my unprofessional practices when/if I need an MRI, and hope for the best.

89 YJ
Wow, you can get a nice tan on your arms, from welding with no shirt on.
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