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The operative word here is "Magnetic."

A MRI generates a massive magnetic field around the patient. If the patient has have any metal in the body it is going to be attracted to the field coils of the MRI.

Ferrous particles in the eyes are usually not deeply imbedded in the eyes. Particles in welder's eyes can be drawn to those field coils very, very high speeds. The particles come shooting out of the eyes attracted by the field. This unorthodox removal can cause massive eye injury... as you can well imagine. While working as a technical service engineer assinged to a product that imaged the MRI output I had a chance to see an Xray of the eyes of a professional welder. It looked like looking up at the stars at night. That was the most erie Xray I've ever seen in my life.

Every MRI facility I visited ALWAYS checked to see if the patient was, or had been a welder. If they had been... it was off to Xray.

I thought this note was good to read:

Previous Metal in the Eyes - If a patient has EVER had any metal chips or fragments in their eyes from welding or grinding or any accidents of any sort, an eye x-ray must be taken prior to the MRI. Even if the metal fragment was taken out or came out on its own, or if it was 20-30-40 years ago, an x-ray is the only way to confirm there are no fragments remaining. This is important because if there are any small fragments in the eye, it could potentially damage the eyes. We will arrange these orbital x-rays prior to the MRI. If the patient has done welding or grinding but never got metal in their eyes, they do not need orbits. If there is ever any question about this, the x-rays should be taken.

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