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I tried to get my Jeep inspected today. All you MA residents know that there are now new emissions laws. However, I did not know that there are now new lift laws. I went to two places during lunch and they both took one look at it and said "too high, it will fail". I have a 91 YJ, 4" lift with 33s. The first place said the bottom of the door must be less than 25" to the ground. Mine is 29". The second place said 2" lift is the limit. Who is correct? Does anyone know the law? What am I (we MA residents) going to do? Has anyone gotten a lifted Jeep inspected this month and where did you get it done?

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i live in mass and am a little worried my self. i have a 88 wrangler with a 2" lift and 31" so hope fully that will be ok. i was told that my 72 chevy pickup that is lowered 5" in the front and 6" in the rear wont pass. they said to check the DMV web sight for all the new laws pertaining to the inspection sticker.
good everyone in mass

ohhh jjjjjjjjjs
Where do u live in mass??? I do not Know what to do? keep me informed on how it is done?? dont give up keep trying!!! how about stock tires to bring your door down and say u have a two inch lift? My friend had a truck that was border line on the height so he put a granite stone in the back that got him to
pass but that was before,
I have two jeeps one small lift not registered (but want to put it on the road but affraid i will not get a sticker, in order for me to register it ihave to take the other one off the road with a good sticker till july)
84cj7 small lift
83cj7 Soa and running 40's I am going to enjoy it while i can it is over kill and i am not going to fight with cops in mass cause they SUCK!!!! going back to almost stock wich is not a bad thing!! I have untill july unless thing change!!!

I am passing this on from another mailing list I am on (I live in CT).

George writes:
Mass recently changed to a new extremely stiff inspection. Most of it is
for the best, but they are really coming down on your doors only being 30"
off the ground. For me this just ment throwing the old tires on and
removing my shackle lift, and leaving the 4" spring on. But depending on
where you go they can throw in not having a catalitic converter, even if
the Jeep is old enough not to have to pass emissions, having any holes in
your floor, even ones for water removal, ect. Hopefully I'll be moving to
Texas once I get My Manufacturing engineering degree in december, but till


Randy 80 CJ5
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The lift laws in MA have not changed. They are exactly the same as they always have been. The new problem is that all of the inspectors had to be re-trained and now have a fresh idea in their minds of what it takes to pass.
There is a formula that is used to come up with exactly how much you are allowed to lift your vehicle and the largest size tire you can run.
For my '79 CJ-7 is came out to be 2.43" of lift over stock. And you are allowed to increase your tire size by the same amount as the lift size.
I will find the exact formula for you when I get home. In the mean time check out the RMV's home page for new inspection info:
FWIW - keep going to shops until you find one that will pass you. Eventually you will find one. Then throw the shop some business and become a customer. If they know you, you will have a much better chance.

'79 CJ-7
/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif Maybe you could write to your booze-soaked, womanizing, senator-for-life Teddy Kennedy and have him repeal the law/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif. You know how those liberals like to see the general public in a state of independence/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif, instead of totally dependent masses./wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif This is just the beginning....the government; especially folks like boozer Kennedy; want the citizens of this country helpless and dependent, and that includes having vehicles that WON'T go anywhere the government black Suburbans cannot follow. Get used to it kid....this is just the beginning of the "New" world order. From here on out, it's all about LESS liberty and MORE controls./wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif

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Go for it Dave, my feelings the same,the goverment sucks!!

I agree the government sucks, did everyone read the cover page for

Here is a copy of the "lift law" and a example for a TJ I have off another list:

540 CMR 6.00 says....
The maximum mechanical lift for four wheel drive vehicles shall be calculated
by multiplying the wheelbase times the wheel track, and dividing the product
by a safety factor of 2200. The outside diameter of the largest tire size available from the original manufacturer as standard or optional equipment for the particular motor vehicle may also be increased up to an amount equal to maximum mechanical lift calculated.
The maximum combined mechanical and tire lift shall be no greater than the sum
of the maximum mechanical lift and increased tire size calculated for the
particular vehicle.
So for my '97 TJ
93.4" WB x 58" WT divided by 2200 = 2.45" maximumlift
and 2.45" tire diameter larger than stock or optional (30" for TJ)
equals maximum tire size of 32.45"

That means my 3" lift and 33" tires are technically illegal.

I am concerned about this also and my plan is to go SOA and then SUA for the inspection with stock size street tires because there is another law in the
link above that states no mud tires will pass either. Can you believe this?
This whole inspection thing here is MA has just surprised alot of us out here.
Here is another link for the law regarding tires outside fender wells.


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