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Are there 4X4 shows on TV on a regular basis?

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I was wondering if there are any 4WD/Off Road shows on TV on a regular basis? I think that something like a weekly show would be great.

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Rumor has it that the outdoor channel is getting one. Anybody else heard about this show.

Tim Springer
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Is the outdoor channel american? or is it the same as OLN, outdoor life network here in canada?

The OutDoor Channel (#153 on Dish Network) is a pay channel. On wednesday nights they have a half hour Off-Road segment.
Check local listings . . . blah blah blah

Keep on Jeepin'
Rick Russell is the guy producing the show on the Outdoor Network and it isn't the same as the Outdoor Life Network (it's geared more towards hunting and fishing). Go to for more info on dates and times.
Fourwheeler TV was pretty cool until Petersen's bought them.
It used to be on Monday's at 6:30 EST on ESPN2.
THey had all kinds of stuff but focused on rock crawling.
Does anybody know if that will ever come back?
THey said they wheren't going to do any more shows after be aquired by Petersen's but maybe it'll come back.

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Yeah, I really liked that one. And they even bought one of my tapes, but didn't get to use it. At least I got paid!


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Hello fellow jeeper, I watch trucks! on sunday. It is a really good show with some tech advice. They also do the lowered mini trucks. Im not really into them but the 4x4's make up for them. Right now they are doing project wicked willy's which is a frame up resto of an early model willy's wagon 4x4, lots of great info with it. suspension, motor elect, and so forth. I really like this show ....just wish it was longer than a half hour.

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