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arb air lockers

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Well guys I really really want a locker for my yj,
and after much debate I want to get the arb air locker. at first i looked at lock-rights, detroits etc. but i decided if I was going to get a locker i might as well step on up and get the real thing. my question is this can i use a york to power it? and if so where are some instructions
thx guys

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That's the setup that I plan on doing someday. If you do it, you will need some sort of storage tank. The electronically switched air solenoid that "powers" the ARB will run off of any source of compressed air. I'm not certain what the pressure requirement is, but you may need to run a regulator to prevent over-pressuring the ARB. If you want to go heavy duty, go to your local heavy truck dealer, and grab a parking brake air switch and forget about the electronic switches. Either way, shouldn't be a problem. The york will be wired on a pressure switch to keep air in the tank...the air in the tank will go to the ARB through some sort of switch, electronic or manual.

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i think i remember hearing the info you needed on doing this. Unfortunately, i dont remember it, but i believe that info came from ARB tech people in washington state. give them a call.

was just a good debate on those lockers in the toy & suv section. check out "best locker for daily driver"

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The ARB needs about a 100PSI supply.

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If you run your arb off a York make sure you put an oil/water separator inline, preferably before the tank.
The york over time will allow oil and moisture (like any compressor) to get into the lines and will eventually get into the arb and when enough
builds up can create problems. An ounce of prevention etc. etc. Nickmil.

Here's a link to lots of York links - If I remember right, this link came from Boston Mangler's site.
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