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I'm sorry to all of you who have tried to look at the pic that I have tried to post, as you can see I HATE COMPUTERS!!! Or don't understand them, whatever.

Anyway, I do have a question regarding my Jeepster, and that is... When I start off, from a dead stop, the transmission kicks back into second gear, why is this?
It's an automatic by the way.

Thanks in advance.,,
And I'll get the picture posting thing figured out eventually. when I don't have a headache from spending three hours trying to get it right.


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Okay, so it isn't exactly a Jeepster experience, but my bother had an old Chrysler that did basically the same thing, it turned out the mounts on the engine were both gone, so it rocked around when torque went up and changed the distance between the shifter and transmission - changed the meaning of "automatic transmission."

Might be the same thing happens is Jeepsters.



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check you modulator

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