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I'm now thankful for small mercies, let me tell you

The AOD started having fits on the way into town this morning, upshifting too early, not staying in O.D. and all kinds of bad behavior. Turns out it was the throttle pressure cable slipping loose off the bell crank pivot on the lever on the side of the tranny .

I took a look at the clip and at first it looked like the same bell crank clip my Mopar's throttle linkage uses. On closer inspection, and after calling a parts man, it looks like the clip is integral with the kickdown cable. Can anyone confirm this ? (86 EFI 302 stocker AOD).

For now I bent the clip to hang onto the bell crank pivot ball, but I'm gonna get a new one Monday. T.G. it wasn't the G.D. AOD !!!!!!!


As far as I know it is. I chewed the other end of mine up trying to get it off when I rebuilt the motor did not realize how easy it came off. Got lucky though it has held together now for almost a year. But, the tranny guy I talked to about rebuilding my AOD told me it was a one piece deal. Hope this helps and Good Luck,
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