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Anyone with a Bronco II?

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Hi I was just wondering if there were quite a few off-road modifications for a Bronco II? I like the little 4x4s because they are so compact, I think you could drive through some very tight and rough terrain. What do you all think of them?
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love mine to death. its beaten dead so bringing it back to life will be fun. mods possible which i will be including are:

v-8 swap, in my case a 347

axle upgrades, sfa dana44 front prolly and 9" rear, full widths prolly too

with engine swap will be my tranny swap, still picking bw np435 and a performance t-5

rollcage, just gotta have it

ho-made front and rear bumpers w recovery nuilt in and winch front


prolly more but i get giddy thinking of what it'll be liek when done
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Jeeze what can't you upgrade on them. A full front axle swaps in them like nothing, a 4.0 is practically a bolt in, the earlier C5 trans can be beefed up with C4 components. Do all this and slap in a 8.8 rear and walla, instant trail crusher. Plus you can pretty much do what ever you want to the body there are a million B2's around. You could have like 5 part trucks. I really like them. I wanna get one and swap in a 300 I6 with a Np435. Also throw in a D44 with a 9". I would scrap the body and put a Ranger cab on, then make a custom mini flatbed on the rear. Oh yeah. Now I'm starting to drool.
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