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anyone use non-jeep springs for springover springs

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doing aspring over .i plan on runing 39s and dana 60s.i would like to use longer springs.

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The only problem I see about using longer springs is that the spring mount are already on the ends of the frame. If you leave that mount alone then you'll only be moving the axles closer together.

87 wrangler - 258
i was looking at using a pair of ford springs in the rear with my spring over.. the hole is offset in them...i think 26" on the short side.. they are really soft too.. i changed my mind for simplicity sake

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
I've got Wagoneer front springs on the front of mine with a shackle reversal...they're about 2" longer and are nice & soft. Haven't made a final decision on the rear, but I just sold my last set of YJ springs so I won't be going that route ;-) I picked up a set of 1-ton J-truck rear springs (very long, very flat, very thick spring packs) that I may remove some leaves from and use, either relocating the shackle hangers and rear axle further back, or split the difference by relocating the spring & shackle hangers (probably use YJ spring hangers instead) to keep the rear axle where it is. Also thinking about Toyota or GM rear springs...I'll have the frame ready in a week or two, so the decision will be made REAL soon ;-)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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