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anyone missing some yota axles???

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Guys I found some yota axles

They are '84 yota axles and looks to be in real great shape. The guy I bought them from siad that the truck was a daily driver until it was wrecked. He was going to use them himself, but a buddy of mine from work talked him into selling them to me <---what a good friend huh?? It even came with the steering linkage!!! Such a good day!!!

Heres some pics.........

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Thanks bud !! I think they are either 4:10's or 4:11's.

As far as the high steer goes............I think I read a thread in here that involved taking 2 yota steering linkages and fabbing some kind of high steer <--I could be wrong though. I know I seen where Scott [rockrat] fabs that double link for steering <--- I know I want that because I got his [yota d-shaft rat adapters] and I love them. Scott does quality work in my book.

I really don't know which way I am going to go yet. I am going to do some more reading and go from there.

Thanks again,
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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