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anyone missing some yota axles???

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Guys I found some yota axles

They are '84 yota axles and looks to be in real great shape. The guy I bought them from siad that the truck was a daily driver until it was wrecked. He was going to use them himself, but a buddy of mine from work talked him into selling them to me <---what a good friend huh?? It even came with the steering linkage!!! Such a good day!!!

Heres some pics.........

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Here is my Yota high Steering set up.

I used 2 sets of arms and ground them down till both fit over the 4 bolts with a FULL nut.The bottom arm has the front part cut off but keeps it's bearing retainer but the top one get's the bearing retainer cut off. the cross link rod is off the yota and is swapped end for end and I'm using the steering stabilizer hole for the drag link rod which is from my Zuk and is going to the pitman arm. I also ran a bead of weld front and back to tie them together.
I've been very happy with it and have virtually NO bump steer even though I DON'T have a steering stabilizer.
HOWDOYA like my automatic rust prevention oil system??
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