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I am looking for one of those trailers with the pintle hitch, for wheelin' trips, but do not have any idea where to look, or what a fair price is. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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From the Jeep-L the other day

Also, here is a list of Military Surplus businesses that sell M100/M416 trailers. Prices depending on condition can range anywhere from $200-$800.
Sam Warner Surplus <- I bought mine in excellent condition, despite
Tracy City, TN. the many coats of paint for $400.00. Sam has
615-592-3601 about 50 of the M100/M416 anywhere from $200 $400.
Coleman Surplus <- I know of two individuals who were very pleased with their purchase. He has a large selection (Over 100) Millersburg, PA. of both models:M416's/M100's They're listed in Phonebook
Smith & Edwards Surplus
Ogden, Utah

Antelope Valley Equipment & Truck Parts Lancaster, Ca.

Sarafa Auto Supply
Springfield, NY

Ordinance Unlimited
Canoga Park, Ca.

TW Murray Jeep Parts
PO BOX 214
283 Persimmons Lane
Dover, Del, 19903

Brentmullins Jeep Parts
College Station, TX

Frank's Surplus
Brym Athyn, PA

Military Vehicle Locator Service
Fort Collins, CO.

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