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Anyone know a Good Place to get a Hard brake line for the rear axle on a YJ

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On the way to work today, I discovered that my brakes are in real bad shape. The hard line on the axle has cracked at the wheel and is leaking. Well, needless to say, it makes stopping a bit more fun. Does anyone know af a place to get a new preformed line, or will I need to have someone fix it for me?

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I've seen them in several catalogs, and I'm sure you could get them from a dealer, but by the time you
pay shipping and all it would be cheaper and a whole lot quicker to just go to a good parts supply house
or a brake shop, take the old one in and have them make you one. You could also just buy a straight
piece about the length you need and a bender and do it yourself.

If you can get the old one off use it for a pattern and make a new one yourself. You will need a tube bender and a flaring tool as well if you don't already have them. Remember brake line is a double flare.

i buy the straight lines at Autozone with the fittings (and flares) already done and bend them with my hands, just be carefull and you won't kink them (if you do, just get another, they are alot cheaper than factory computor bend lines)

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