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Hey Will,
I had one of those days last Sunday,(it was a train wreck kind of a day),and it was mostly due to driver stupidity, and poor judgement. Bent the front drive shaft on a rock(3 weeks old),snapped passenger side front inner axle shaft,bent a new bead lock wheel,punctured a nearly new 35" Swamper,dented driver side door, punctured steering stabilizer shock, spilled my last beer while changing tires,had a 5 gal. blitz can and my 1 gal. chain saw mix can stolen off my Jeep in my driveway while having dinner(that was probably the worst part).Other than that it was a great day wheelin, I had some great moments early in the day, and my new rear axle and suspension worked flawlessly.
As long as nobody got hurt, it aint that bad.
Whatever breaks moves to the front of the list.
89 Wrangler

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