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Yes I have a CRD. Well so far it is doing awsome. Have had it in the shop a few times. Had to replace a torque Converter and EGR Valve. Have had it for about 8 months. Alomost 30000 miles. Not really a dislike but at nite when you floor it or accel somewhat hard you leave a huge cloud of black smoke. And have even had a person follow me and when i stopped they said i am burning alot of oil. And i was like no this is a desiel. Alot of people tell you that the pump you are at is a desiel only. And alot of people are very surprised it is a desiel. Cant here the desiel. Only when acceled hard you can tell it is a desiel. And after like 13000 miles had to put on new tires. You could barely give it gas around coner with out the tires squeling. Also in rain with the old tires i would pull out of parking lot and end up doing 180 and look head on at the oncoming traffic. But new tires stopped all that. Great gas mileage. 28 hwy and 16 18 city depends. The exhaust does not smell like a regular desiel. I love it.

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I used to have that same tire spinning problem with my pickup. New tires didn't fix it, I finaly discovered if i drove it like I had some sense it would go down the road much better...

On a serious note. I am concidering one of these for my wife. I am disapointed to find the somewhat major repairs so soon, At least it was waranteed.

We will want to run b100 in it. I have heard Jeep will only state it is good to b20. Any info on that.
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