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Anyone do Ford V6 w/4p auto?

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I've read good things about the 2.8 V6 Ford swap. Has anyone done it with a 4sp auto? I would like the OD for highway driving. I can see the problem with tranny length in a SWB, but is should be okay in a LWB, yes? Is the Ford 4sp computer controlled and is this a problem?

I was thinking of a carbed V6, as this would be easiest swap in. How are the carbs offroad?

What kind of cruise rpm on the highway are you guys running with the 2.8/C4 setup? MPG?

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i highly doubt a NP208 will fit.....the NP208 is a HUGE case....

Its not so much length as width. That case is over 18" wide....they wont fit between the frame rails on an Early Bronco so i KNOW i wont fit under a samurai with out hanging down super best bet would be to use a Ranger unit with a married t-case. but the drop is on the wrong side for a zuk. ford transmissions are notoriously long. I looked into it hard when i was going to drop in a low mile 2.3L EFI from an 89 mustang. about yourr only options for a manual is an NP435 with a custom machined your best bet would be what zukibrother did and use a short tailshaft C4 from an old ford van.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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