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I was thinking about getting a set of the Corbeau Baja seats. Anybody using them? Do you really have to get the seat bracket and the special adapter that they say you need. Has anyone made them work with the stock CJ brackets? I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to mount them to the brackets but just from the pictues it looks like they might sit to high on stck brackets.



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Hi Jeff,

I've used Corbeau GTS Recliners in the past in one of my CJ's (which I haven't got anymore). I managed to adapt the stock seat brackets, but it is probably worth getting the proper ones as I remember having a hard time to get it right.
It is quite a while ago that I did this and can't remember exactly what the problem was, but the seats were definately worth the change...


'83 CJ-7 258/TF999/D300 in Land Rover Country


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I've got them, but don't have them installed in my CJ yet. Unless you want to do some detailed fabricating, I think you should at least get the adapter brackets. The mounts on the bottom of the Baja SS seats point straight to the floor. I guess they sort of resemble a clevis mount on a bumper, although not as beefy. Since my driver side seat mount was shot, I went ahead and bought both seat mounts (with sliders) and adapters.

I was pleased with the quality of the seats considering their price. I was also pleased with the new sliders. Just a little frustrated though, that Corbeau would make you buy a special adapter along with their seat bracket to get it to fit.

I've only sat in the seats on the ground, but they seem comfortable and they wrap around you to provide stability. They have slots in the seat for a 5 pt harness, and are not so fancy that I would mind getting them dirty.

Other than the adapter bracket, I'm glad I bought them.

Greg J.

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