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I sure wish someone on this board would make some of those cool looking bumpers for others on this board.
I know that I would be willing to pay $$ for some of those. I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes to
this board. I am not to Mechanically inclined but I sure am willing to learn.

Say if anyone is in the process of making bumpers and wants to make an extra set let me know.

Bumpers that I want.
Front - 2" receiver, D rings, option air storage
Rear - 2" receiver, D rings, Tire carrier for 33", option air storage.

Thanks again everyone.


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2001 Raptor
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I would be glad to make some drawings that you could fabricate from for my bumpers. As far as an air tank, I would look at a truck supply store and see what they have in the way of air tanks. When I designed semi-truck trailers, as I recall the prices for a small tank are really not that bad, and you know it is safe and will hold air. Pressurized pneumatic tanks that are poorly built or designed are nothing more than bombs. Here is a progress pic of my bumpers. Send me a private message or email me, and we can talk about drawings if you want them.

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