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Excuse my lack of intelligence, hahahahah, but anyone has sent a picture along with the message ? I tried but the system rejected it no matter it was smaller than the given max. We will be sending Thumbnails ? hahaha.
Bye everyone.
Keep this board as it is now. Excellent work !

JP Velasquez
1993 4x4 Hardbody King Cab
1995 4x4 Pathfinder SE-V6

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Yeah, check out the first post "old nissand never die" Steve managed to do it. Me? I don't have any digital pics of the finder yet. But! The first one will be a shot of my 95 under the flag pole inside Fort McHenry if it comes out. Got about 21 shots left on the roll.


Brian Oberle
95 Pathfinder XE
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