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you're worrying me. i have a 360 that's been improved a little with a th400 behind it. so far the only problems i've had with the quadratrac is just changing the chain every 40k miles or so which is a pretty simple operation. the quadratrac is just light enough that i can take it down and put it back up without a jack. i'm no muscle man either, i am just a scrawny 6ft, 145lbs. mine doesn't have any problems with a 4-5 inch lift (springs and shackles) and 33's. the only downside is the high compound low gearing. i'm a little curious if a custom tailshaft could be made for a 700r4 to attach it to the quadratrac. i know there is an engine to trans adapter and the 700 is an inch or two shorter than the 400 so driveshaft length shouldn't be a problem. i like the versitility of the quadratrac, especially the full-time low range.

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