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Here we go again... this time I my jeep is cutting off intermittantly and wont crank. This has happened twice now about 2 weeks apart. Everything runs fine and then it sputters some and quits. Turns over great, but wont fire up. Then next morning, I can fire it up. It runs rough for a second and then smooths back out. I replaced the coil and ignition module after the first time. I guess that wasnt it. Thought it might need gas the first time and that wasn't it... but I removed the gas cap before I tried to start it and it worked. Same thing this time. Could that have anything to do w/ it? I would assume it has to be some kind of fuel problem? HELP! 1978 CJ5 258. Stock carb.

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Carry a spare spark plug and a piece of jumper wire. When the CJ refuses to start turn the engine off, then the ignition to run. Jump out and pull a spark plug wire and put the spare plug in the wire and ground the plug. Use the jummper wire to jumper the starter solenoid. If the transmission is a manual, have someone pushing in the clutch. If you get spark you know it is not an electrical problem.

Symptoms point to fuel realted, but don't rule out that pesky ignition module. It can go bad carring it from the shelf in the store the cash register and you'l never know it. If you got spark and the engine is grinding away, chances are the problem is fuel related.

You have to have a place to start............

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