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i dont know if i can get the 600 for a sye-cv drive shaft :(
i think im going to go with national springs and get all the other stuff (drop pitman extended brake lines ext.)seperate. so how much is an extended drive shaft with CV joints or would a regular work with out going through alot of joints?
i realy dont want to drop the T-case its kind of a dumb thing in my mind to raise every thing then drop the T-case. but if i have to i can make brackets for that.

actualy one last question :) what all do i need for the lift other than springs, drop pitman, U-bolts, new drive shaft, and extended brake lines. thats all that i can think of right now

thanks alot guys

'95 jeep yj 2" body lift to fit 31's and soon to have a new suspention lift. you cant own a jeep and not "modify" it :)

New bushings are going to be something you really want to have. Also you might want to think about extended bumpstops. It sure would suck to have your axle smack the frame. Another thing to think about, is to put the T-case drop on and run it like that till you can swing the cash for the sye and new shaft. As to your question about running the jeep with the lift and not droped t-case or sye. Unless you are going to raise it real small, like 2-2.5 inches you will need to do one of those things. Oh yeah make sure you get degree shoimps fro the rear pinion angle. to compensate for the lift.
just my $.02

90 YJ I6 258 4.0 head conversion 4"lift 33's & lots of other goodies

You're pretty much stuck with a regular type driveshaft and a t-case drop until you get the SYE. A CV type driveshaft won't work with the slip joint inside the t-case and they aren't made by anybody. One thing not on your list to buy is longer shocks.

'75 CJ5,258 w/Howell EFI,T18a,4.27's,33's,On-board air,Warn 8274
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