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Annihilator Pics

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I figured you cold weather climate guys could use some cheering up. Here are some pics from Saturday. The temp was a balmy 76*

We started on Lower Terminator as a warm up. Here is Barry in his new buggy climbing a shelf.

Then we blew thru Preditor and hit the first obstacle on Annihilator. Bob climbs this big waterfall on the easy line.

Jack makes it look easy.

Skinney steals the show and climbs the hard line. This line has only been done once before... that we know of...and that was by Tracy Jordan in his Matrix.

The rest of the images can be found


There are pics of a wash that we walked looking for new trails.

Enjoy! We sure did.
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you AZ guys suck with yoru cool rocks and nice temps
.....pretty cool pics on the linked site........wish i could find a nice family to adopt me........any takers

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