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A set of 16X8 wheels.

two sizes are
A - 5 inches of backspacing and 12.7mm of offset.
B - 4.5 inches of backspacing and 0 offset.

Would either of these allow me to run 285's??

Tires are OD 33.1 X 11.3 wide.

With the less backspacing than stock I was thinking it might work or still no??

Also my truck has 2 inch rear blocks and t-bar crank.


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with the 1" crank and 2.5 inch block does the tahoe sit level? I guess it probably dosnt have the same problem that the pickups have. how does it handle with the 1" crank and did you need to get new keys?

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Ive got 16x8 micky T's with 4 9/16" bs, on 285 tires. No rub but i have tbar crank and 1" block in rear.

My cousin has a 96 Z71 with 15x8 and 33x12.5 BFG Mud terr.
They rub just a little on hard bumps.
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