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an age old tire question

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I hate asking this question, but what is the largest tire you can fit on a '56 willy's wagon without any type of list? i was thinking of running 33" or 35"'s i assume i'd need soemthing to fit 35's but would 33's fit with no lift? also, whats a good automatic tranny that you could swap in? and anyone have any experience wheelin' in a willy's wagon? your opinion?

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I just spent the evening pushing my Willys wagon around my yard yesterday becuase I'm going to put off the project for another year...

The rear wheel wells are pretty constrictive. I'm guessing 31's will fit with no lift, but not anything bigger. I've seen them with 33s using a 3" body lift and subtle trimming around the rear wheel wells, but new springs would have been better.

Good luck with it, and don't forget to put some pictures of it on the web somewhere.

I can't answer your question but just thought I'd pass on some Willy's info. There has been an ongoing project on the TV show "TRUCKS" about a Willy's wagon restoration and build up. It seems very informative. TRUCKS is on the TNN network and copies can be ordered from them. I don't have the details but can find a phone number if anyone is intereste. Just thought I put that out. Regards,

Not to get away from your ques, but I seen a readers ride in a mag where a guy had taken a willys and put it on a full size cherokee frame, might help gain tire clearence. Just a thought. Steve

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