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does anyone own an amigo???? how are they offroad? do they have enough power? are they ifs? are there lifts for them? these are just a few of my ?'s so if you can help in anyway thanx in advance.

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amigos are tough

[YOUTUBE="amigo mudding tatonka6969"][/YOUTUBE] I have 2 amigos they are really tough . I go places in mine tht most jeeps and trucks can't fit . As lift kits go there are none only body lift . Its a 3 inch body lift and you can put 33's under it . I have two 2-wheel drive 2.6 amigos they are not squirelly at all . The short wheel base they have make almost impossible to high center . I've even pulled out a 1988 chevy ext-cab long bed truck with a six inch lift so all and all they are tough and easy to work on and even do engine swaps or custom lift :gun:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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