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amc 258 rebuild kit

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Does anybody have recomendations as far as where i should order a rebuild kit from for a 258, or what brands/names i should be looking for in the kits? i dont want anything cheap, but nothing over $800.
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i recently had my "new" 360 rebuilt, it was out of a 78 waggy and had 104k on it and was sitting next to the guys shed for a few months. i started tearing it apart with the intention of honing, re-ringing, new seals and gaskets and calling it a day. i wound up tearing the whole thing apart and sending it over the the engine guru. he bored it and did quite a bit of other work including completely re-doing the heads with a little performance work. he put all of the parts in a box and sent them back to me to put back to gether. it was nice because he did a bunch of stuff that i could not even begin to think about doing and i still had the chance to tear it all down and put it all back together. his work, including the rebuild kit (which included everything), and even new valves, springs, retainers, rockers and bridges still set me back under $1100. so bascially i got a better than brand new engine for under $1200. if i had to do it pver again i would take the same route. it gives you the opportunity and the bragging rights of building the engine, but leaves the hard stuff to the experts.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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