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AMC 20 Replacement

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OK, right axle is clickn' and clackn' and I know that within the next 3 months I'm going to lose it. Can you kind folks recommend THE replacement one piece axle kit for the AMC 20 on a '83 CJ 7?
I have been looking at our posts and it looks like either the Moser or Superior kits are the ones to go with, I hope you folks with some experience in this endeavor can offer some advice.

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Most people are going to say moser.
Start saving money fast , I can't see 3 months/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif.

I knew everything when I was 16......How come I'm so stupid now?
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Post deleted by elusive
Superior is getting high marks from the likes of Parts Mike.
My kit looked great and the Co. was great to work with.
Just some thoughts.

Scrap the whole "UPGRADE THE AMC20" Idea and swap in a Dana44 from a Scout.

and you end up with a stronger axle and more locker choices and such.

Check out for more info on Scout Axles

I asked many questions about upgrading the AMC20 and EVERYONE told me it isnt worth it and it is still a weak unit (thin tubes).

This Of Course, Is Just My .02

New England 4x4 Club
79 Jeep CJ7
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Hay there was a post aways back about 8.8 ford explorer. The guy did it $600???
I had over 800 in mine doing the work myself. 150 to setup R&P

The 20 is a good rearend Axles and tubes are it's weak areas and you can fix the axles, and I don't know anyone thats broke a tube. (They can be welded to not turn) the R&P is larger than a 44. If you want to upgrade for strength reasons to to dana 60s. Friends are using 20's with v8's and doing radical stuff so you be the judge. I know someone who put a 20 in his TJ! Everyone is into this macho stuff and they'll sometimes recommend monster components for everything,(when most of the time they dont have it either) point is get what works for you and you can afford, stop talking and start wheelin! . Ken
I have a '78 with a 20 rear. I rebuilt it with Warn full float kit and an ARB. No problems.
I run a 304 modified cam intake carb headers a NP 435, and a 20 case.
I do feel the 20 is up to it.

'78 CJ7 304, rust, inspected!/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif
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I like my model 20 upgrade with the Moser 1 piece axles. The strength when compared to the dana 44 has been argued for a long time, but they are about the same strength. I recently upgraded to a chevy 1/2 front and year end for more width...but loved th eMoser 1 piece. In fact..I still have that rear end in my garage with the kit installed....if your interested, I could make you a deal on the whole set up for a reasonable price....e mail me.
I would just stay with your original axles if your only problem is your key-way getting twisted.


CJ-7 10"lift

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Thanks for the offer, but I'm just gathering info in case the axle goes. The CJ is for sale right now, but if the axle blew before I could make a sale, I would upgrade the axle. Its got some serious tub, hood, rust along with some and I will be buying a '00 TJ after I can gather some $ for down payment.

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