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OK, I have the chassis complete minus axles. I set the M20 on a set of jackstands and checked the axle freeplay. I can move the axle up and down at the hub some, does this mean the bearings are shot. I was just going to do axle seals and pinion seal but now it looks as if I may have to freshen the whole thing. Never done a diff before and there are no shops close by. Closest is probably 40 miles - Austin, maybe Temple. I know there should be some free end-play but vertical or horizontal? Any help is appreciated.

'85 CJ7 Bone Stock, in pieces..
Sounds like bearings are worn,
Or they aren't shimmed properly.

No big deal, just need some fresh bearings and seals, and set the preload up properly.
It's all in the Manual. No big deal.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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