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Wow old thead :eek:oo:

Yes there is no need to remove the hubs from the shaft, they can be kept togeather and removed as a unit but you will not be able to remove the bearing or seal without pulling the hub.

In theory the axle and bearing will just slid out of the housing once the bolts are removed but most need some persuasion. It is more or less impossible to hit the hub with the backing plate on. If they only need a little help, sometimes installing a brake drum backwards or old wheel with the lug nuts only on 4 turns or so and using the drum or wheel as a slide hammer sometimes works. Sometimes if the seal was bad a ring of rust can form outside of the bearing making them real hard to get out.

If the slide hammer trick does not work here is what I do, you will need 2 pieces of 3/8" all thread about 8" long. 2 nuts and 2 washers.

  1. Remove the backing plate bolts.
  2. Tap on the back of the backing plate to move it and the seal about 1" toward the hub.
  3. Insert the all thread through 2 opposite holes in the end of the housing but not through the backing plate. Install a washer and nut on the all thread between the Housing and the backing plate, with the washer on the housing side of the nut.
  4. Screw the all thread through the nut extending it through the holes in the backing plate and bearing retainer till the ends touch the hub.
  5. Tighten the nuts to push the hub outwards. If the nuts get very tight and the axle still does not move hit the inner ends of the all thread once each and tighten the nuts more just like you would do with a puller.

This procedure takes some time and hopefully yours come out easier, but I have never had an axle stand up to it.
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