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I have a 69 jeepster commando in which, someone swapped in An AMC 20 rear end with 331 gears (to match the Dana 27 - 331 ratio front axle) I need to get a new AMC 20 rear end, but i am having a hard time locating one with 331 gears (most run 354?) any ideas on which years, models, etc, i could find a 331 amc 20? I am looking for a short track model with a 'center pumpkin" (actually a little left of center)
any help is much appreciated.

69 commando aka "THE GHOST"
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lots of cherokees and wagoneers after 1980 used a AMC 20 rear with 3.31 gear ratio, one pc axles and heavy tubes...

a little too wide for you maybe though

77 CJ5, in a bunch of sanded and primered pieces
Our 84 has 3:31 . It is a 84 cj-8. I'm sure cj-7 would have same thing.
Are you sure you could not rebuild it as cheep as replaceing it?

Matt is right Our 84GW is a mod20 with 3:31 gears.

Most '81 and newer CJs with 6 cylinders came with 2.73s (std) or 3.31s (opt).
only '81s are narrow track models in CJ7-8s, '81-'83 CJ5s are narrow track also.
Hope this helps your search!

Can you get 3.54 gears for the Dana 27? Why not go that route?

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what is wrong with the old axle? should just be able to fix that one.. mmm.. unless you bent or broke a tube or something..
can just get a housing and put in your r&p gears into that.. unless that is what is wrong.. then just get a r&p and put it in the old axle..

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actually jeepgod... i think we have a set of 3.31 gears for an amc 20... i pulled them out of that 84 .......i'd sell them REAL cheap.....

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
what I did with my jeepster was replace the rear with a postal jeep, it is a dana 44 with 3.31, I got the whole vehicle for $100. there everywhere. some have lockers

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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