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I have a 83 CJ7 with a amc 20 rear axle. The stamping on the axle is a D which means 2.73 gears(that if I'am reading the codes correctly) with no limited slip. I have a limited slip. The question is, is the stamping incorrect or do I have a aftermarket limited slip? 2.73 gearing sucks and will be changing in near furure. Would like to know what I'am dealing with before hand. Any info would be appreciated.
83 CJ7 258 inline six, amc 20 rear, dana 30 front, t-5 trans, dana 300 transfercase


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This is not answering your question on the upgrade, but . . .

The stamp on mine didn't match what was inside either. Mine was marked AA or something like that which was supposed to be 2.73 open. When we opened it up for maintenence, for kicks counted the teeth - we found I had 3.73's. Just to make sure we did the turns per revolution test, and the results were the same. I don't know if it was because someone upgraded, or if it was mix and match at the factory. If you have a third or fourth owner Jeep or one from the 76-86 era, I would check before I buy anything for it.

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