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Amazing Rc Formula OffRoad car (BL)

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This is vid from one of the greatest Unlimited car of all time.

YouTube - Amazing Rc Formula OffRoad car (BL)

Clips from 18 comps - 10 different ground types - over 65 different stages!
Over 95% of the shots are comp performs. There are no "set up" crashes or jumps.

2007 it has lexan body, no lipos, standart wb. 2007 stages might look easy but they weren't that time.
2008 lexan body changed to tube chassis, got lipos and I made a new bottom plate.

Nightfall specs:

Hotbodies Lightning Stadium Pro-R
Own made bottom plate --> wb 46.5cm (18.4")
tube chassis made by tuunari (designed by me)
Rc-Monster Motor Mount
Proline Maxx Paddles

Gearing 13/48-51

Mamba Max
Feigao 8XL
2x MaxAmps 2s 6k mah lipos in series(=4s)

Front diff 500k oil
Rear diff 300k
Middle diff 150k
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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