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SMS is the new AMA/ATVA kid on the block. Started off slow in 2003 with 5 registered quads. Averaging 1 per event..the ocassional 2 showing up. First event of 2004 brought 4 of the 5 out and some pretty cool dicing.

Our goal for 2004 for quads is to have enough participants to offer a totally separate event from the bikes.

The ATVA has been working with us to set up a challenging, fun season for you. Although it's not in writing, we been told by the powers that be at the ATVA, if we can bring in a consistent 200 racers per event, the ATVA will join us and make a strong presence on the west coast.

Our entry fees are CHEAP....holding to the AMA/ATVA average of $35/event. You must be an AMA member to race and must be a member of Sidewinders Motorsports off-road club to chase points for the series. Cost is $20/year.

Next event is on February 21st at the Superstitions OHV area in the Imperial Valley.

We're new to the ATV side of us with suggestions, questions, comments, ideas, etc. We want to have a strong series for YOU.

Sidewinders Motorsports has been granted round 6 of the 8 event AMA/FMF Hare and Hound National series for 2004. On May 15th it will be out at the Superstitions (where this next event will be). We've picked up Duncan International as a sponsor for the National. For 2005, we'd love to see an ATVA National series out here.

Join us...and give some of the guys out here a little competition. It's good for them!

Letrell Cuff
Clerk of the Course
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