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Here is our selected NON-DEMIL 1979 AM General M151A2

Here is the 1989 AM General M998/H1 rolling frame.

This is my 14 year old son Nate's project, that we have working on design mods on from tech manuals for both the M998 and a M151A2.

The new blue prints will call for the conversion of the A2 uni-body into a M38A1/CJ5 type body tub design for plate mounting and bolt down procedures.

The engine compartment of the A2 has been modified to allow for a 302 Ford Mustang engine and automatic transmission.

Pumpkin plates will allow for 5 more additional inches of body lift.

As the progress of the vehicle begins we will post mod pictures.

Tell us what you think, what you would like to see added maybe???

We even are pondering a 4 way steering concept form the older Bantam BRC 40 design.

We have a set of the original 4 way steering axels from a Bantam BRC and are taking a close look at the whole idea.

Suggestions and Ideas help create the ultimate rig!

You can see pictures of our 1962 Ford M151-LC Desert Racer in the Ford section.

Bleddyn and Nate
Team G503 Ford Racing
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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