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Hello ,

Ron Davis is only taking orders from today until the Oct 22. They only take
Visa , MasterCard or Money Order . If you wish to pay with a Money Order
they need $300 down and the rest before it is shipped ( as the price is not
known until we get the total on people in on the buy .When you call Just
tell Doug at what level you are in or out . On the Oct 23 If we do not meet
the Numbers you want then he will take your name off the list .

This is the final price list for the Ron Davis Aluminum
radiator mass buy . To place your order just call Ron Davis at
1-800-842-5166 ext 5 and ask for Doug . If anyone could forward this on
to any other list , Bronco club or to anyone you might think may need a
radiator for there Bronco please do so . As of now I have 25 people that say
they want a radiator . Let's get this mass buy in to the 25% range and make
it the best for everyone . Everyone knows Ron Davis makes the best radiators
out there so lets get the best radiator for the best price .

Ron Davis decided to go with three basic types of radiators - the standard
replacement 302 style one, the same with a notch for those with F150 style
steering boxes (like our old design), and a 5.0 version (it won't fit those
with F150 boxes- no room for the outlet.). Each is available with a trans
cooler. The "T" indicates the trans cooler ones.

Part Number (List Price) 15% off List 20% off List 25% off List

Std 302 Style 1 to 9 orders 10 to 19 orders 20 to 29 orders 30 or more
1-50BR6677 $430.00 $365.50 $344.00 $322.50
1-50BR6677T $490.00 $416.50 $392.00 $367.50

5.0 Style
1-50BR50 $450.00 $382.50 $360.00 $337.50
1-50BR50T $510.00 $433.50 $408.00 $382.50

302 Style to fit F150 PS Boxes
1-50BRF150 $450.00 $382.50 $360.00 $337.50
1-50BRF150T $510.00 $433.50 $408.00 $382.50
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