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Upgraded 87 Sam to 12si-140 amp GM alternator hard believe
huge 140 amp would fit but it was easy fit with room left
over even with AC dryer in that area.

dparker has weld on mod bracket for the DIY

Used Rocky Road alternator upgrade bracket think I paid around
$25 bucks for back in 1998 it fit perfect for above type
alternator single wire self excitation 12si GM .

Bought alternator from Glen Beavers alternator shop Indiana email
[email protected] his alternator work is professional new rewinds
with high output electronics, I be happy with mine, alternator
worked great for my special power needs.

Parts required for upgrade.
140amp alternator, upgrade bracket,new V belt 1" bigger 34"
I believe, and 3/8 3"-3.5" long bolt, 10" 4 Awg or bigger
jump conductor from alternator to starter bat. terminal see Pic.

Job was easy remove air filter,old alternator and old bracket,
install new bracket, bolt in new alternator. Whole job only took
about 30 min. with exception I had go to auto store get bigger
belt I think someone sells bracket now that you can reuse your
old belt.

Below is copy of emails to Glen Beavers found him at Ebay selling
high power 12si GM alternators emailed him as a possible source
purchased two back in 1999. Just got around to doing this upgrade
few weeks ago and was easy job.

Emails Emails Emails Emails Emails Emails
well if your looking for the GM si type alternator with 130 or
more amps, heres what we have in stock

12si-140 amp $89.99
15si-140 amp $99.99
15si-200 amp $159.99
these all have the si bolt pattern and are ready to install.

well the 10si and the 12si are the same size alternators
15si is a little bit bigger and has 1/2 in bigger bolt
pattern. But if your putting these alternator on a car
that you are or are hvaing brackets made for it, 15si
is not really much bigger in size. Guy's around here are
installing the 15si over the 10 or 12si because we can
get more output from them and they cool better also.
We have them in stock and paypal is fine, shipping cost
2 alternator together with insurance is $17.00.
Pay to Glen Beavers

12si-140 amp $089.99
Shipping $017.00

Hi, csking

I need to up-grade electrical on off road 4WD Samuria.
Need dual 130 - 200 amp alternators.

I have a conversion mounting brackets for Samuria
appear to fit any GM si alternator, pully v drive

Which of 130 amp alternators on Ebay auction is
best choice for my application or do have anything
else that would work?

Thanks john

can be contacted via e-mail: [email protected]
Alternator 130amp Ebay


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